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Mobile Impact Crusher

Mobile Impact Crusher

Widely used in construction waste recycling, mining and quarry fields.

Max input size:350mm350mm

Capacity:30-340 t/h30-340 t/h

Material:Granite, Limestone, Basalt, Slag, andesite, building waste, phonolite, etc.

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Mobile Impact Crusher Introduction

Mobile Impact Crusher Plant

Brief Introduction
The mobile impact crushers are used in soft to medium-hard natural stone. It can crush stone so efficiently that the grain shape, grain size distribution and cleanness comply with the strict standards for concrete and asphalt aggregates.

Mobile impact crushers are widely used in aggregates production, recycling applications, and in mining operations. etc., finish crushing and screening operations at one time, produce required size and output for consumers.

1. Reasonable matching, unobstructed discharge all line.
2. Reliable working, convenient operation.
3. High efficiency and saving energy.
4. Especially the mobility is very good, so it can extend with the raw material places or the construction place, and it can also make multiple matching, get to different product requirements.



A mobile impact crusher is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment used in the crushing and recycling of a variety of materials. It is a type of mobile crushing plant equipped with an impact crusher mechanism that enables the crushing of large rocks, concrete debris, or other materials into smaller, more manageable sizes

Applications of mobile impact crusher plant:

  1. Construction and Demolition Recycling:Mobile impact crushers are commonly used in the recycling of construction and demolition waste. They can process concrete debris, asphalt, and other materials, producing recycled aggregates for use in new construction projects.

  2. Quarrying and Mining:In quarrying and mining operations, mobile impact crushers are employed to crush large rocks and minerals. They are used in the production of aggregates for construction, road building, and concrete production.

  3. Asphalt Recycling:Mobile impact crushers are effective in recycling asphalt pavement. The impactor can crush the asphalt into smaller pieces, which can then be reused in the production of new asphalt mixes.

  4. Aggregate Production:Mobile impact crushers are used for producing high-quality aggregates for various applications. They can process natural stones, gravel, and sand to meet specific size and quality requirements.

  5. Environmental Remediation:Mobile impact crushers are employed in environmental remediation projects, such as cleaning up contaminated sites. They can crush and process materials for further treatment or disposal.

  6. Landscaping and Agriculture:In agriculture and landscaping, mobile impact crushers are used for crushing stones and rocks to create or maintain gravel roads, agricultural tracks, or land for cultivation.

In summary, mobile impact crushers offer a mobile and efficient solution for crushing and recycling various materials in construction, demolition, quarrying, mining, and environmental applications. Their versatility and mobility make them valuable equipment in a range of industries.


Main features of Mingyuan Mobile impact crusher:

The integrative full-set mobile crusher frame eliminates the segregate components' disadvantages, such as jobsite complicate, material waste and long working time. The proper space arrangement of this machine frame improves the flexibility of jobsite residence.

◊  High flexibility

The truck loading chassis is high and truck width is less than operation semi-trailer. The turning radius is short and convenient for traveling on the common road. It is more suitable for traveling on the rugged and bad environment in the jobsite.

◊  Low material transportation fee

It can crush the material in the first-line of the jobsite and avoid the middle link of transporting the material to other places and then crushing. It saves the transportation fee greatly.

◊  Direct and effective operation

The integrative series mobile crusher can be used independently; it can also supply more flexible process configuration based on the material types, product requirement of customers to satisfy the movable crushing and screening demand.

◊  Strong suitability and flexible configuration

It can operate independently and can also work together with other machines aiming at the coarse crushing and fine screening.

Working Principles


The main crushing equipment in the mobile crushing station is a crusher (jaw crusher, counter crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher), and the materials are uniformly transported to the crusher through the feeder. The closed circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen after being broken by the crusher preliminarily, which realizes the circulation crushing of the material and outputs the material according with the grain size requirement by the conveyer, so as to achieve the purpose of production.

According to the requirements of different crushing processes, it can be formed into "first crushing and second sieve" or "first sieve and then crushing". Crushing stations can be combined into coarse crushing, fine crushing and two-stage crushing and screening system according to actual demand, or they can be combined into coarse and medium crushing. Fine crushing three-stage crushing screening system, but also independent operation, has a great deal of flexibility

Technical parameters

Technical Parameters of Mobile Impact Crusher

1. Mobile jaw crusher
ModelCar BodyFeederCrusher
Engine (Optional)Overall dimension (mm)
ModelFeeding Size (mm)Power (kw)ModelFeeding Size (mm)Power (kw)Size(m)Power(kw)
2. Mobile cone crusher
ModelCar BodyVibrating ScreenCrusherBelt Conveyor (standard configuration)Engine (Optional)Overall dimension (mm)
ModelFeeding Size (mm)Power (kw)ModelFeeding Size (mm)Size(m)Power (kw)
3. Mobile impact crusher
ModelCar BodyFeederCrusherBelt Conveyor (standard configuration)Engine (Optional)Overall dimension (mm)
ModelFeeding Size (mm)Power (kw)ModelFeeding Size (mm)Power (kw)Size(m)Power (kw)

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