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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

The three-cylinder dryer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product improved on the basis of the single-cylinder tumble dryer in our factory according to market needs. After the application of many enterprises and many industries, good drying effect has been achieved. The three-cylinder dryer improves the internal structure of the single-cylinder tumble dryer, increases the pre-drying design of the wet material before entering the machine and extends the drying time of the wet material in the machine, and installs sealing, heat preservation and reasonable supporting measures. So compared with the original single-cylinder tumble dryer, the production capacity of the three-cylinder dryer is increased by 50-80%, and the evaporation strength per unit volume can reach 120-180kg/m3, and the standard coal consumption is only 6-8kg/t.

Max input size:<5mm


Material:used in slag, clay, coal, iron powder, slag powder and other mixed materials, also widely used in dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, etc. of the construction industry, as well as chemical, casting

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Rotary Dryer Introduction

  Three pass rotary drum dryer (also known as three cylinder rotary dryer) can dry dry mortar, yellow sand, cement slag, clay, gangue, mixture, fly ash, gypsum, iron powder and other raw materials, widely used in building materials, chemicals, castings, etc. industry.The three-cylinder dryer improves the internal structure of the original single-barrel dryer, increases the pre-drying of the wet material before entering the machine and prolongs the drying time of the wet material in the machine, plus sealing, heat preservation and reasonable supporting measures to make the dryer dry. Machine production capacity is 48-80% higher than the original single drum dryer.

Evaporation intensity per unit volume up to 120-180kg/m3, It has advanced technology, reasonable operating parameters, simple and feasible operation.


Triple Drum Dryer Clay Drying Equipment Soil Rotary Cylinder Dryer Three Pass Cylinder Dryer Plant

A rotary drum dryer is a versatile piece of equipment used for drying a wide range of materials. The design and operation of the dryer make it suitable for drying various substances, including liquids, slurry, and solid materials. Here is a general list of materials that can be dried using a rotary drum dryer:

  1. Agricultural Products:

    • Grains (e.g., corn, wheat, rice)

    • Seeds (e.g., soybeans, sunflower seeds)

    • Hay and straw

  2. Wood Products:

    • Wood chips

    • Sawdust

    • Wood shavings

  3. Minerals and Ores:

    • Iron ore

    • Copper concentrate

    • Nickel ore

  4. Chemicals and Fertilizers:

    • Fertilizers (e.g., ammonium sulfate, urea)

    • Potash

    • Sodium sulfate

  5. Food Products:

    • Coffee beans

    • Cocoa beans

    • Dried fruits and vegetables

  6. Biomass:

    • Biomass pellets

    • Municipal solid waste (MSW)

  7. Environmental and Wastewater Sludge:

    • Sewage sludge

    • Industrial sludge

  8. Mineral and Metal Concentrates:

    • Titanium dioxide

    • Zinc concentrates

    • Aluminum hydroxide

  9. Plastics and Polymers:

    • Plastic pellets

    • Polymer powders

  10. Ceramic and Construction Materials:

    • Clay

    • Sand

    • Cement

  11. Textiles:

    • Fibers (e.g., polyester, nylon)

    • Textile waste

  12. Biosolids:

    • Organic waste for composting

  13. Animal Feed:

    • Alfalfa

    • Distillers grains

  14. Specialty Materials:

    • Coffee grounds

    • Tea leaves

  15. Industrial waste & Residues:

  16. Aluminum dross, Red mud dryer, Bauxite residue dryer

  17. Slag

  18. And others


1. Three cylinder dryer equipment investment is 1/6 of imported products, made of alloy steel plate, 3-4 times more wear than
ordinary steel plate.
2. Material can be customized according to demand 304, 316 stainless steel, ultra-pure production, eliminate impurity

3. The thermal efficiency of the three-cylinder dryer is as high as 80%, and the thermal efficiency is increased by 48%.
4. The three-cylinder dryer reduces the floor space by about 50% compared to the single-cylinder dryer and reduces the civil
engineering investment by about 50%.
5. The fuel can be adapted to coal, oil and gas, and can bake blocks, granules and powder materials below 20-40mm.

6. According to user requirements can easily regulate the desired final moisture index.
7. The machine adopts a material and hot air flow drying process,with a wide range of applications

Working Principles

The material enters the inner cylinder from the feeding device to achieve downstream drying. The material is continuously picked up and scattered under the lifting plate of the inner cylinder to achieve heat exchange in a spiral manner, and the material moves to the other end of the inner cylinder and drops the middle cylinder for counter-current drying. The material is continuously raised in the middle cylinder, showing a two-step forward and one-step backward moving mode. The material in the middle cylinder not only fully absorbs the heat emitted by the inner tube body, but also absorbs the middle cylinder. It also prolongs the drying time, and the material reaches a dry state here. The material travels to the other end of the middle cylinder and falls into the outer cylinder. The material travels in the outer tube in a rectangular multi-loop manner to achieve the drying effect and quickly discharges out of the dryer under the action of hot airflow. The wet material that does not achieve the drying effect cannot be fast due to its own weight. As it progresses, the materials are fully dried in the rectangular lifting plate, thereby achieving the drying effect and completing the drying process.

Triple Drum Dryer Clay Drying Equipment Soil Rotary Cylinder Dryer Three Pass Cylinder Dryer Plant

Technical parameters

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