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The malfunction and solution of impact crusher

Editor:admin     Release Date:2023-07-28 15:14:47

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Impact crushers are widely used in the mining and construction industry for crushing various materials.  However, like any other machinery, they can experience malfunctions that can affect their performance.  In this article, we will discuss the common malfunctions of impact crushers and their solutions.

Impact crusher 10 common malfunction and solutions:

1 Impact crusher Starting Device Do not turn

Check whether the material before the feeding machine falls into the crushing cavity due to the stop vibration, causing the material to stuck the rotor. You need to clean up the material in the crushing cavity, and start it again to solve it.

2 Impact crusher Break -Breeding Heat

Check whether the lubrication of the bearings should be good. Under normal circumstances, lubricating oil should be 50%of the bearing seat volume; another situation is that the lubricating oil is deteriorated and sticky, and the bearings need to be cleaned to replace the new lubricant.

3 The equipment vibration is abnormal

Possible reasons and solutions are:

It may be that the size of the feed is too large;

Abortomy wear -resistant parts need to be replaced by counterattack head;

The rotor is unbalanced, you need to adjust, and the school pair is balanced;

Check whether the ground foot bolts are tight and reinforced appropriately.

4 Impact crusher ribbon flip

Mainly because the belt is damaged, it is necessary to replace the triangular band to ensure the quality of the belt; or because the inappropriate problem of the belt wheel needs to be adjusted on the same plane.

5 Machine bearing bent or broken

The main reasons are the long -term overload operation of the host, improper thermal treatment of the bearings, and the hardness of the crusher exceed the standard. During the processing, new bearing must be replaced, and the maintenance and maintenance should be maintained in time during the future operation.

6 Impact crusher appears a stuffy car

The impact crusherwas stopped suddenly during operation, which caused many causes of such faults, such as blocking of the discharge port, slippery belt, too low voltage, and damage to the bearings. Copy these problems one by one, such as clearing the blockage of the discharge port, tightening the belt, elevated voltage, and ensuring the stability of the voltage, replacing bearings, etc.

7 Device spring parts to break

The cause of this failure is that the spring is not relaxed when the small discharge port is adjusted. Therefore, the broken spring must be replaced during treatment.

8 Broken cavity abnormal noise

It should be stopped immediately to check whether the interior of the crushing cavity contains metal impurities or fractures of components, and clean up the crusher cavity; check the tightness of the internal lining and the gap between the plate hammer and the lining plate. If the gap is too small, it will cause abnormal noise to cause abnormal noise Essence

9 The equipment has a glue smell during the operation of the device

The main reason for this problem is that the belt is slipped, and the flavor of the pungent rubber with friction with the belt wheel, or the rotor card is killed, you need to check the rotor in the cavity and solve it in time.

10: Discharge size very bigger

Explain that the impact crusher plate hammer or counterattack lining plate is severely worn, causing the gap between the plate hammer and the counterattack plate is too large, adjust the gap between the back and forth back and forth, or replace the lining plate and the plate hammer; The gap between the lining plate is uniform; if the lining plate on the frame is severely worn, it should be replaced in time.


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